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06. & 07.11 2021

Application period now!


Movement is all around us.

How do I move? What moves me? What do I move?

MOTUS is the chance to move further, artistic- and creatively, in new and unknown ways. MOTUS is moving in a still standing world surrounding us.


MOTUS-Festival is a two day (06. & 07.11.2021) youth cultural-festival. The main program consists of the following creative workshops:

  • Visuals / video art
  • Upcycling fashion
  • Spoken word performance
  • Field recording / ableton live 
  • Songwriting
  • Photography 
  • Urban sketching 


Participating in one of the workshops as well as the remaining program is free of charge, but an application is required and binding. Please only apply, if you can guarantee, that you will be able to take part!

You can apply by sending an e-mail to, stating the following information:

  • your full name and age (applicants between 16 and 25 years of age will be preferred)
  • your mobile number
  • your workshop-priorities (1,2 and 3)
  • which of the required materials for the workshops can you bring along, what would you need?

We will then get in touch with you, and inform you about your application status.

If you have any further questions concerning your participation, you can contact us via contact form below the FAQs or via


If you wanna take part, you will either need to be, vaccinated, or recovered from COVID-19.